Lookbook FW 20 / 21


Blank sheets, clean lines, a new story. 91LAB FW20 / 21 White Collection
2019 was truly a landmark year for RITO. The Ukrainian knitwear company RITO began its path in 1991. The company’s craftsmanship, technology, ambition, and design potential have long gone beyond creating classic design collections. This can be seen in the daring collections of the brand’s latest seasons. In 2018, after working with archives and developments for future seasons, RITO realized that it was impossible to realize all the ideas and implement complex knitwear solutions of the couture level, within the same brand. Therefore, a new premium brand of designer knitwear 91LAB was created under the auspices of RITO.
On November 7, 2019, Anna Panchenko, RITO designer, unveiled her first FW20 / 21 collection for 91LAB.
White color became the basis of the design for the beginning of a brand’s new history.
Albino people, albino animals, flowing springs, wind, and tectonic faults. Pure forms, pure elements, devoid of color, devoid of memories. Like the first footprints in the snow. Like a hurricane arising from the light breath of wind. Like a flash of light in a moment of the emergence of a new Universe. Like a yet untaken look, yet unspoken word.
Handmade elements are heavily used – in the weaving of nets and cords, in the scattering of beads and stones on jumpers, in coat elements.
Incredible, warm clouds of mohair and wool combined with geometric weaving and lacing imitate the skin of a white leopard, sheepskin and white fur in coats, jackets, and jumpers. The mathematical accuracy of repetition of these elements resembles the traces of disappeared civilizations on the surface of cooled deserted planets. As if life is replacing the dead urban world again, as if a world is created by erasing the traces of predatory cultures. A world without pain, without war, without death, a new world, pure and white.
Cold, oily viscose patterns leave a physical sensation of flowing crystal clear, icy water on the fingers. The lively, enveloping texture plays with cold shades of the glacier, under which volcanic eruption is already rising. And on the surface, gaining color, fire flies up from the bowels of the new planet, a new force is released, new, hot energy.
What will this energy be? What will the 91LAB world be like? Already now we present the first footprint in pure, white.

Collection 91LAB FW20 / 21 was presented in February 2020 in Paris.
The collection will become available in stores around the world in July 2020.

photo: Konstiantyn Gaiduk
style: Alisa Nikolenko
makeup: Maryna Robotko


91LAB is a Ukraine-based emerging womenswear knitwear brand founded in 2018 by RITO, a company with over than 30 years of knitwear experience.

Each collection includes unique jacquards, sophisticated knitwear designs and hand-made pieces – all in carefully selected fine yarns.

91LAB embodies ultimate quality, feminine silhouettes and grown-up sensuality.

91LAB aims to design a new kind of knitwear essentials and re-define modern classics and contemporary luxury.


In Ukraine, the items are  available for pre-order since March 16, 2020.

For details, prices and composition of yarn contact us  by phone (tel. +38099-333-11-00).

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