Ideal knitted sweater - is when you want to wear it all the time:

with jeans at work, or shorts at home, with heels and ballet flats. In general, it is such sweater, which you want to roll yourself into and do not take off.

The chief specialist in Ukraine in knitting - comfortable, but very demanding material, is truly RITO brand.

RITO - is not just Ukrainian brand, which successfully operates more than 25 years. RITO - is a team of like-minded individuals, who love the art of knitting and improve their mastery all the time. In return, we enjoy love and gratitude of our admirers.

Six collections per year, released by RITO - is a full wardrobe of knitted wear that suits any taste, where you can find a place for both basic things, like sweaters and cardigans, and real podium hits, hand knitted coats and dresses with complex textured crochet work.

The range of products of RITO company is restored every season, and shops receive collections in theme units, so the products look always freshly and new.

  • Name
  • Design bureau of RITO factory creates clothes for those, who like fashion and style, value quality and reliability, who want to accentuate their individuality and successfulness. Brand designers - Anna Panchenko and Alena Pikul - create designs for such main directions:

  • RITO Knits

    a podium line, which is demonstrated as a part of Ukrainian Fashion Week and defines the style of the whole season of the brand

  • RITO Woman

    a line of comfortable and universal designs for basic wardrobe of every woman

  • RITO Men's

    a men's line - basic wardrobe which will 100% never go out of fashion

  • RITO Home

    a line of home textiles


«Knit fabric - is incredibly pleasing material, - says director and founder of RITO company - Tatyana Abramova. - It is like a second skin - soft, flexible, having lot of textures, it accentuate good points and hides weaknesses». Nowadays, you can buy RITO clothes in monobrand boutiques in Kiev and Vilnius, as well as in shops of Dnepr, Lvov, Kharkov, Toronto, Prague, Copenhagen and Vienna.