It is considered that in the fashionmonger's wardrobe should consist of 70% of the basic things and 30% of bright spectacular designer outfits. This formula is easy to explain: admit that extravagant asymmetrical dress with abstruse inscription-application or leather jacket with lace inserts instantly attract attention and stick in one’s memory for a long time, so putting on such outfits even once a month, you risk to get the status of "the character of one thing." In addition, these ultra-bright wardrobe items look really appropriate in a limited number of cases, and more often they appear quite irrelevant to a certain place, time of day and the situation itself.

The basic wardrobe is quite another thing. The secret of its basic elements - a white shirt, a pencil skirt, perfect fitting jeans, dark classic trousers, a plain cardigan, beige high heel shoes, ballet flats, an elegant coat – is in their versatility, the ability to create a huge number of combinations with a variety of things and to be adapted for absolutely any fashion-task. When basic wardrobe things are skillfully played up, its components look different every time, creating the impression that new clothes appear in your closet almost everyday.

A special place in the basic wardrobe belongs to a monochrome close-fitting knitted jumper. Perhaps this is the most indispensable and versatile item in this category. One can make up a separate list enumerating the ways of wearing a jumper: untucked with practically any bottom, with a wide or a thin belt, tucked in close-fitting skirt or low waist trousers... Variations of combinations are also numerous. This can be any classic skirts and pants and jeans of all styles; cardigans, combined with a jumper, especially of a vivid color, become the conceptual accent of the whole image; and jumper dresses worn over sweaters and looking more impressively or neutral depending on the tone of the jumper. As the result, dozens of variants for all occasions, from the business classics to the evening theatre outfit, because jumpers can be easily transformed thanks to jewelry!

Stylists point out that it is very handy to have in your wardrobe a few basic jumpers of different colors. Especially a good solution to buy several monochrome jumpers of maximum dissimilar colors - for example, gray, black and red. Bright colors like trendy turquoise or purple will refresh any image, even if all other things of the outfit are rather reserved, and that’s why such jumpers are also extremely important for the basic wardrobe.

And what is most important: the basic jumper and the skill to use it in variations can once and for all solve the problem "There is nothing to wear."