FALL 2016

Designers turned back to the ladylike style, showing how today's woman can wear tweed and look modern.

Tweed is a thick woolen pile fabric, which was first invented and used at the Albion. Britain, as we all know, is famous not only for its amazing landscapes, history, castles and royal family members, but also for the weather. However then, more than one hundred years ago, tweed was used only for men's clothing – for warm suits and coats. Coco Chanel changed everything, when devised comfortable and fashionable women's every day clothing, available for any budget. One of the pieces of these comfortable casual clothes was the tweed suit, consisting of a narrow straight skirt or a sheath dress and a jacket.

  • Famous French tweed suits with British spirit designed by Gabrielle Chanel, tweed dresses and coats make one of the main trends of Autumn 2016 that was featured in most designer collections along with the 3D knitwear trend, color blocking and multi-layering.

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  • Since 1954, when the Chanel first introduced her women's tweed suit to the public, it became the symbol of elegance and bourgeois chic. In many ways, of course, it happened thanks to the outstanding women who wore such a suit. The most stylish US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy was one of them.

RITO light gray tweed suit is a timeless classical woman's wardrobe piece. However, in our conditions a knitted skirt suit based on the style of the iconic classic tweed suits of the past might be more practical and comfortable.

High warm collar, emphasized sporty lines of the decorative outer seams, ironic asymmetrical parts imitating a kind of "wrongly" buttoned jacket - all this will indicate that you are modern, smart, critically thinking fan of Chanel, who, however, does not want to blindly follow the traditions and prefers individual interpretation of the classics.

The same modifications, as in tweed suits, occur with Autumn dresses. Knitwear production offers simpler, lighter and more concise dress styles that has less volume and thus better fit the average female figure. But the "English tweed spirit" is completely preserved!