cashmere care

Cashmere products are quite demanding in care, but if you carefully and lovingly take care of them, then cashmere will reward you with a beautiful appearance for a long time. So, the first thing to remember is not to wear things made of cashmere during 3 days without stopping, let them rest.

The dress or sweater that you just took off don't put in the closet at once, but allow the fibers to swell and straighten. And only after, fold it neatly, wrapping in a tissue or thin wrapping paper soaked in the smell of lavender, rosemary or cedar, to protect it from moths.

Do not put an item in a plastic bag, it will get an unpleasant smell, and if it stored for a long time, for example in summer, the condensate may appear, which will force a bad effect on appearance.

Also, it is not desirable to store cashmere things on a hanger, they can lose shape. Exceptions are plastic hangers lined with fabric that may be used, if necessary to make cashmere acquire the original shape after wearing, but never after washing. Wash things after 8-10 times of use. The label is often recommended to give products to dry cleaners. But we still advise to wash at home, because after cleaning the thing becomes more rigid. This is because cashmere yarn is very delicate, it is much thinner and softer than human hair.

Therefore, it must be treated very carefully. You should wipe cashmere in soft water up to t ° 30, with the addition of baby shampoo, for fluffing fibers, or with special detergents for washing cashmere. During the entire washing process, do not change the water temperature. First, it is necessary to soak the thing for a couple of minutes in well-foamed water, and then gently squeeze, try not to rub!

Then wrap an item in a soft terry towel that soaks up excess water, and gently spread on the horizontal surface of the table or floor until it completely dries. Then just shake the product. If you still find a spot on a cashmere sweater - do not rush to wash the whole product. Try to wash the stain with cold water. If this does not help, then if there are greasy spots, sprinkle them with talc until full absorption, if necessary repeat the procedure.

If it is a tea stain, use ammonia,for stains caused with red wine use salt, for beer stains- alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. If the stains are difficult to remove, contact a dry cleaner. If you want to preserve the original look of the product as long as possible, then do not wear any belts, leather and suede along with cashmere, and try not to contact with jewelry and metal ornaments in order to avoid the formation of pellets. If the pellets nevertheless appeared, then neatly trim them with manicure scissors, never tear them off or comb them out so as not to spoil the appearance of the product. 

Wear cashmere things for a long time and with pleasure! We hope our advice can help you in this!