CASUAL style

Today casual style is at the peak of its popularity. City streets are crowded with people dressed for comfort, but not devoid of style.

«Casual» style is often described as sloppy, frivolous or informal – actually, that is the essence of the style. The basic principle is elegant negligence.

There is no clear framework of how one should look dressed in casual style. The biggest advantage is that your image is created not from numerous fashion conventions, but from your own worldview. Loose cut jeans and pants, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and jackets are welcomed. Combine different styles, experiment with colors and shades.

The upper garment must be comfortable and not hinder the moves, besides it should refresh and lighten up your image.

Take a loose T-shirt, tuck it into pants and over it put on a light knitted cardigan tied with a thin belt.

“Casual” style dress is a straight or a loose-fit dress of mid-length, with the waist line emphasized with a thin belt or tucks.

The example of an ideal casual dress is a knit above the knee length dress with sleeves or a shirt-dress made of light cloth. «Casual» style does not imply jewellery, so the highlight of your image can be a bright bag, a scarf or shoes.

Contemporary woman chooses casual style not just because it is fashionable, comfortable and practical.

This is a kind of lifestyle and its slogan is "Everyday life in all its diversity."

“Casual” style in clothing is a kind of projection on the lifestyle. There are no clear-cut limits and rules how to dress and look casual.