ELLE Ukraine Magazine and RITO, the Ukrainian Brand of Designer Knitwear, are representing the first joint collaboration.

ELLE Ukraine Magazine together with the Ukrainian Brand of Designer Knitwear RITO have developed a special scarf design and made a unique pattern in knitting with the words of motivation from the songs of Monatik, Pianoboy, Vakarchuk Svyatoslav and Jamala.

Already today, the sale of "star" scarves starts in RITO Brand Stores. Part of the proceeds from the sales would go to the “Tabletochki” Charity Fund.

Each scarf has got its own unique color and the artist's quotation.

Vakarchuk Svyatoslav: “Everything will be fine”.

Jamala: “Do not restrain the your dreams’ breath!”

Monatik: “You and I shine brightly”.

Pianoбой: “We would never be alone”.

Tatiana Abramova, the founder of RITO Brand:

RITO has been developing high-quality Designer Knitwear for Ukraine, Europe and the USA for more than 20 years. Our clients claim that, due to the unique quality, RITO Outfit can be worn "eternally"! And it was really what spirited to create a Project, which is itself based on the notion being beyond time –it is a WORD.

Word is a power that gives faith, hope, and love, which helps to tell one another the most important. Our Project has united the artists, who are known and loved by the whole country, whose words are uttered in the rhythm of our hearts. We are all together, because we want to state: "Everything will be fine", “Do not restrain the your dreams’ breath”, “You and I shine brightly", "We would never be alone".

Part of the proceeds from the sales we’re transferring to the "Tabletochki" Charity Fund, so that our words and our actions could help children with cancer.

State your Word together with RITO!