Before the spring comes, it is very little to suffer frost and chilling cold, tune in to the color spectrum of the warm season.

When the eye is pleased with the first spring flowers and leaves. When it is pleasant to warm the first rays in a spring tender sun. When women become unusually beautiful, and the future is full of hopes and terrific plans ... Then our inner world is filled with colorful shades of emotion, and we hurry to prove ourselves in fashionable and bright spring clothes.

What are the most fashionable colors of the spring-summer season 2018? They are not 10 this season, as usual, but the whole top 12 colors, according to the recommendations of the Pantone Color Institute!

Our designers always take into account world trends and creatively approach the choice of shades and their combinations. Fashionable colors spring summer 2018 according to RITO is a bright yellow shade of the midday sun and blossoming dandelion flowers; Green with a blue sub-ton of the evening sky; red with a touch of ripe tomatoes; Lavender with a gently pink sweety sakura flowers; and pink with a sweet peach flavor, so romantic and fresh.

The classic palette of shades of color, which forms the basis of the base spring-summer wardrobe - is a deep dark blue, so similar to the night ocean in a foggy haze; and of course, a beige one, as elusive and light as a summer breeze; a soft white hue, like coconut milk; and a pure gentle gray color, similar to the morning mist.

These basic shades are ideal for creating a business wardrobe. They blend well with the top of the most fashionable spring-summer colors in 2018 in our collection, which with love for you created the designers of the brand RITO.