Fashion for the same outfits for moms and daughters appeared long ago and occasionally becomesa trend from time to time. And this is quite naturally: firstly, it looks so cute, as it is immediately obvious that the two ladies are joined with the common visual idea, they like to complement each other and they are ready to approachtheir style with imagination to achieve this touchingunity.

Secondly, a dress for a daughter similar to the mother’s oneis a great way to develop good taste and understanding of what clothes, how and for what cases should be worn. And besides the same or similar images are able to fulfill the dream of many girls: to be like my mother - the most beautiful, stylish and fashionable. In fact, many celebrities are constantly flaunting with their daughters (and sons too) in similar, if not exactly the same outfits, and that only contributes to the popularity of this trend throughout the world.