Expensive and noble, it's all about cashmere! Its high cost is caused not only by the limited amount of raw materials and difficulty to manufacture but also by the unique properties of precious yarn. From one side it is airy and soft and from the other - wear-resistant and elastic.

Prices for purchasing luxury brands such as Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Missoni, Agnona, Annapurna are rather high and start at $ 1,000 for a cashmere sweater. Mass market brands use cheaper raw materials made of the remnants of cashmere threads which allows to reduce the cost on clothes to $ 100 at best.

How to recognize the real cashmere? When you purchase an item made of cashmere remember that the price for real noble yarn starts from 100$. The easiest way to identify the authenticity of the product made of this yarn, it is to squeeze it in the palm of your hand, you will instantly feel the pleasant warmth.

These are amazing and useful properties of cashmere. The yarn is 8 times warmer than sheep's wool, non-irritating to the body and magically enchafes in the cold. Cashmere is difficult to color, often it is produced in natural shades: gray, beige and black. Natural cashmere is matte, it seems to be enveloped in a light haze, due to fluffy fibers.

The RITO brand tries to make the products more accessible to its customers and at the same time adheres to high standards of quality that most respected European brands follow. We use cashmere fiber in mixed yarn, that consist also cotton, wool, polyacryl. Our products don’t lose shape, don’t roll off with the proper care and have a great appearance, highly valued on the markets of Europe and America.

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