business style

Limits in fashion that existed earlier nowadays are blurred and erased. Now it is not a must to wear light shades only in summer, and knitwear - only in cold season. The present-day trend in modern fashion is the combination of opposites, and here knitwear plays a major role: it is easily combined with cotton, silk, linen and other fabrics of various textures.

Today science, fashion and light industry are so much advanced and can offer us unique knitted fabrics that are perfect even for hot summer. Variations in summer knitwear will be especially appreciated by office workers who are forced to balance between a strict dress code, the temperature contrast outside and inside the office and the eternal desire to look stylish, fashionable and beautiful.


Wide leg pants, long knitwear vest

You just can’t do without wide leg pants (slacs) this summer, especially in the office. Loose cut makes you feel comfortable and easy even on the hottest day. Such pants can be combined with classic court shoes on mid or low heels (kitten-heel).


 Vest and textured dress

The second basic element of the image is a one-colour knit dress with unusual intricate texture. It is important that the dress should have loose fit - only in that case it will look trendy. And finally, long vest made of jersey, that perfectly keeps its shape and provides presentable look throughout the day, is the secret to success and stylish summer business wardrobe.


Knitwear suit

Here is a minimalistic two-piece suit consisting of a short jacket with three-quarter sleeves and a pencil skirt. See how cool, natural and casual this suit looks when combined with white sleep-ons. The same suit, but with high-heel shoes will look elegant and strict.

Rib-knit dress

Knee-length knitwear dress is another worthwhile investment in your summer office wardrobe. In daytime, neat and concise, it will look great with the sleep-ons or classic court shoes, if the business dress-code is very strict. In the evening, the dress will look absolutely in a new way combined with red lipstick and elegant open toe sandals.