It is well-known that during pregnancy everything that touches the body should be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The hand of your beloved man, soft and warm stream of water in the shower, and most importantly, the clothes you wear at this wonderful period. Knitwear is one of the most popular materials that expectant mothers prefer. This has at least 5 REASONS:

knitwear from RITO gently, and at the same time elegantly, lines your shape and the lovely rounded tummy;

• knits are comfortable, they do not require ironing (!) and always look appropriate;

• it is made from natural premium yarn, it does not yield to deformation, it does not fade and it undergoes up to 1000 washes!

• knitwear breathes, which means the baby gets maximum oxygen;

• and finally, you can wear it after childbirth, as it's not a hoodie from the "specially for pregnant women" store, but stylish and fashionable clothes.

Stylists advise to choose garments with accentuated breast line, high waist, loose skirt, tapered shirts and blouses. The choice of the color palette entrust to your intuition. Usually pregnant women instinctively choose light or bright colors that help to cheer up and besides they do not attract the sunrays.

Undoubtedly, the basic things in the expectant mothers’ closet are long dresses and sundresses. They look very feminine and besides they do not constrain your movements, providing free access of air to the feet.

Most importantly is to remember that in this period of life you look especially nice. That’s why throw out of your closet as well as your head all loose, monotonous and boring things. And do not forget about the accessories - beautiful belts, necklaces, brooches and bright bracelets. Psychologists say thanks to the fashionable and well-groomed mother the baby gets aesthetic education lessons being in the womb.

Put on dresses with beautiful prints and patterns, wear French braids, hair-bands with gentle flowers and most importantly - do smile! And let the whole world wait: your mission today is far more important than all the global problems!