Legend: polo shirt

None of the wardrobe items can boast the popularity of the legendary polo shirt. Equally loved by both men and women, this T-shirt has long ago migrated from golf courses and tennis courts to city streets and even to offices.

History of polo

Like every real legend, the history of creation of polo shirt is rather vague. According to one of the versions, its origin is connected with the ancient Asian polo game, which the British borrowed from the Indians during the period of colonial rule. The new active sports game required loose clothes that don’t restrain movements. Another version says that the French tennis player Rene Lacoste nicknamed "Alligator" can be considered the "father" of the new T-shirt, in 1933 he founded Lacoste brand and for 85 years all the products of this brand are adorned with the invariable green crocodile. Though this year the crocodile gave way to the icons of ten endangered animal species, but this is a totally different story. And in the history of polo, the golf version seems most likely to be true: the first T-shirts with button placket and turn-down collar were produced on “Polo Tweed” knitting machines, the enterprise named after the legendary golf player Harold Tweed and founded on the prize money of the oldest golf tournament. The very name "polo" speaks in favor of this version. But it was Lacoste that went down in history. Maybe they had better PR.

Whatever it was, but the white sports shirt with short sleeves, buttons and turn-down collar looked so elegant and was so comfortable that it easily won hearts of prim Englishmen and triumphantly spread around the world. The American President Dwight Eisenhower played golf exclusively in Lacoste polo!


Fashion trend for polo returns

Up until the 1950s, polo was available only in white color. It took twenty years to change the design of the classic polo shirt. In 1952 Fred Perry, ironically - also a tennis player, started the production of black polo-jumpers. And after another twenty years, polo finally ceased to be just sportswear and got the right to be in color. 24 new colors simply blew up the mass production! And for this - special thanks to Ralph Lauren.

Today everyone, or almost everyone, has polo - 98% of population wear these knitwear jumpers. Many celebrities, including Will Smith and Jack Nicholson, prefer polo. Bill Gates in warm season instead of his favorite sweaters wears light polo jumpers. Among the athletes, the unconditional polo fan is David Beckham. In his recent collaboration with H&M he made polo the basic item of the seasonal collection.


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