Modern business style of clothes

Business fashion is considered to be boring and monotonous. Is it really true? Let's try discover this question.

Business style can be formal and informal. The first one, mostly often, requires strict adherence to the dress code of the company. And business suit becomes the favorite of classical office style. The color scale usually achromatic and represented in black, white, gray and blue shades. At the same time accessories should be minimalistically restrained.

Informal style of business clothes is more democratic and gives a woman an opportunity to to approach creatively to the choice of shades, models and accessories, as well as use deeper saturated colors. Part of the informal style is a conditional-business style, which can include models in casual style or sport-chic. In the spring-summer 2018 collection, the RITO brand created a selection of original models designed in everyday business style. We took into account all office fashion trends, so that you can look stylish and presentable, elegant and modern.

The basis of any office wardrobe is a business suit: a jacket in combination with a skirt, dress or trousers. Moreover, they can be combined in different variations, the main thing is to skillfully combine the options of the top and bottom.

Business style collection 2018-2019 from RITO, as a bottom offers - skirts - pencils, skirts in the style of sports chic, skirts with a diagonal frill and flared skirts with a pleated effect, and skirts - pencils with asymmetrical details will help you create a unique business style.

The length of the skirts in the modern daily business style varies from middle to long. The color scheme is presented with restrained beige, pink, powder shades and black and white classics, using graphic design.

Office Fashion 2018-2019 considers dress as a self-contained element of business style. Best choice is A-line dresses and dress-cases with geometric and floral (in the form of monstera and ginkgo leaves) with prints that are acceptable in the style of Business casual.

Modern fashion trends of business style allow to use geometric (strip, cage) and restrained vegetable prints. An unusual design dress solution is a tandem of the top designed in a small cage and the bottom skirt and floral print. A special technology for making knitted fabrics creates the illusion of plisse.

Rich emerald and pink, restrained powder and vanilla, classic black and white shades transform a boring business look into an elegant outfit that can be worn not only in the office.

Modern business suit in the style of Business casual has undergone some changes, suggesting the replacement of a classic jacket with a jacket and cardigan, with an asymmetrical length. Following the unchanged style of CHANEL, we created our version of the jacket in the middle cage in delicate pink-beige and white-beige shades and classic black-and-white tones.

Make your choice for culottes, which in the modern business suit is preferable to trousers, they are aristocratic and universal. In out collection culottes are presented in basic colors - gray and dark blue.

Modern business fashion also allows the absence of a jacket in your outfit. A worthy replacement can be a jumper with a long or short sleeve, made in a low-key classic version. At RITO such sweaters are represented in monochrome, pastel and saturated colors. And also in the black and white shades in a large and small cage or strip.

To buy a women's business suit is not an easy task. The most important requirement is to look respectable and elegant. So cheap fabrics can spoil any impression. For an informal business style, worthy solutions are required the choice of yarn and fabric, based on cashmere, viscose, wool and cotton.

These recommendations are the basis for us.

Create your own unique business style together with the RITO brand! Strongly unacceptable in an informal business style: deep decollete and deep cuts, tight fitting things, transparent fabrics without lining, mini length, neon shades of color.

Creating your own office style, observe the sense of proportion. Be elegant with RITO!