It’s been a couple of years that the fashion worldaccepted the fact that beautiful women do not necessary have to be 90-60-90.

In USA and Europe there are well known Plus sizemodels and even Vogue magazine placed curved girls on the cover. Will there betime any time soon when Ukrainian designers, producers and retailers start offering clothes for client bigger then size 42?

RITO is trying to support wide size assortment thanks to which woman with curves can choose that dress or jumper or cardigan which will stress her best parts and hide the drawbacks.

Create your own elegant and feminine image thanks to the skirts and cardigans, dresses with the stress on the waist and models which skillfully balance proportions of your body.

A lot of women don’t even want to experiment and try something which they never wore befdore. That is why we decided to show you an example of how Plus size model looks in the outfits from RITO. Finally there is time to show all the beauty of the women’s body, its curves, hips and breast.

As Coco Chanel said: “You search for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman – there is no dress”.