Gift certificates

The idea of gift certificates (vouchers) is not new, but is very relevant. More often we seek to please our dearest people and give them really needful and welcome gifts. Gift Certificate will be very helpful in any situation.

Giving your beloved a Gift certificate, you can be 100% sure – with it they can choose exactly what they need. And knitwear from RITO would be the best present!

It is not a secret that all girls and women like new clothes, and they like it even more when they can choose the garments that perfectly fit them and pay for them with the Gift Voucher! It's so nice to make purchases without spending your money. Imagine how grateful the person would be wearing beautiful, fashionable, elegant and comfortable knitted clothes from RITO Fashion House.

Gift Certificate from RITO is a modern, and what is most important, always relevant gift for your family, friends, colleagues, clients and partners.

How to use Gift certificates: 

1. RITO gift certificates are not personal, any certificate holder, showing the voucher, can use it and purchase goods offered by RITO Fashion House.

2. Gift certificates are non-refundable and can be used only to pay for goods.

3. The Gift certificate can be used only once. After the purchase shop assistant withdraws the voucher.

4. When you return a garment purchased by the certificate, the refund amount will equal the cost of the article stated in the check.

5. If the value of a Gift Certificate exceeds the total cost of purchase items, the difference will not be refunded to the customer and it cannot be used in future.

6. If the cost of purchase items exceeds the value of the Voucher, the customer pays the difference in cash.

7. If the Gift certificated was lost or stolen, it cannot be restored, and the value of the certificate is not compensated in cash.

8. Validity of the certificate is limited up to 1 year from the purchase date.Now you have the opportunity to buy 1000 and 2000 hryvnias gift certificates to make purchases in RITO stores.

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