Items from the children's collection are available by pre-order.

For details, please call 050 441 5513 - Lesya.

Little fashion mongers who want to imitate their moms in everything inspired RITO designers to develop the clothing line "RITO Kids".

The designer of the first collection "Sovushki" (“Little Owls”) became Alyona Pikul. As a basis she took a child's drawing which reminded the toy, popular and favourite all over the world - the Owl. Using different techniques - weaving, hand knitting and others, the designer managed to achieve volume and make each thing look as if it were "alive".

Parents can easily choose a style that would match their child’s temper, as the color palette of the collection is very diverse - there are many shades of pink, gray, yellow, burgundy and other colors. Besides, the collection is also complemented with scarves and hats.