People are inspired by other people! And we are sure that every our customer is a unique and wonderful source of inspiration! After all, a woman is given not only the ability to feel and create beauty, but also to combine feminine fragility with temper, purposefulness and perseverance.

Within our project #RITOpeople we will tell you about the "heroes" who live among us, and the answers to four main questions will show the real magnitude of their personality and significance for Ukraine:

1. Life rule

2. Your mission

3. What is charity for you?

4. Your main project today.


The second heroine of the "RITO faces" series is Elena Chinka – the woman with really strong spirit. And it seems to us, after you learn about her life and destiny, you will never give up. "Dancing gives you the greatest of freedoms: you can express yourself in full the way you are."

Elena is a four-time world champion in wheelchair dance sport; the owner of the title "The Pride of the Country" and "The Woman of the Third Millennium". She has conquered Europe and the world, and she does not plan to stop there.

20 years ago she faced the tragedy after which she lost her legs. But it was like another life. After all, now she is absolutely happy and fulfilled person.

Life rule - "When a man falls, the main thing is to get up and go on. Do not get stuck in the present moment, look only ahead. You must turn into your path and move towards your goal. And then everything will work out".

Elena Chinka's mission is to develop her talent and to give other people love and benefit; to show the society that we should not close up one-on-one with our injuries or pain.

Charity – Elena organizes social-cultural projects and festivals for people with disabilities.

The main project today is centers of mental and physical rehabilitation for people with amputation where they can get help and support. Among other projects - "United country" – choreographic inclusive festival and children's integrated film festival "Golden Key".

In November Elena will go to the European Championship in dance sport. Most of all she wants to popularize this sport in the society so that any person could look and think: "Me too – I can rise and do it". And this way we can support each other.