Clothing Size Guide

Naturally, when you buy clothes you want it to be properly selected according to your size and your figure.

For knitwear measurements are taken in the same way as for sewing clothes, only you should take in consideration the elasticity of this fabric.

Take measurements directly over the underwear that you usually wear, having tied a centimeter tape around your waist.

  • Name
  • 1 - Chest circumference:

    in front the centimeter tape should pass through the outermost points of the chest, on the sides - under the armpits. 

    2 - Waist circumference:

    is measured strictly horizontally along the natural waist line. 

    3 - Hips circumference

    centimeter tape should pass strictly horizontally through the outermost points of hips. Typically it is 18-23 cm (depending on height) below the waist line.

Size guide for RITO knitwear clothes :


Size guide for RITO men's knitwear :


If you have any questions about the size, please contact us through the feedback form on the site and you will be provided with a qualified consultation.