geometric prints


Such geometric prints of 2018 as cage and a strip, in all possible variations are presented in cruise collection RITO spring-summer 2018. Paying attention to the sea vest, Coco Chanel made a strip aristocratically refined and keenly fashionable. The same thing was made by RITO designers. Lightweight jumpers in the classical style, made of such feminine thin and delicate mixture of excellent yarn with viscose are able to give charm to any woman. Emerald green, black, white and beige scales complete with a shallow narrow black strip creates a unique velvety effect.

One of the finds of the spring-summer season, the geometric prints of 2018 from the brand RITO - a unique volume strips with a 3D effect, that we created with love for you in 2 interesting variants.

Many like skirts in a fold, but because of inconsistency to the figure, not everyone can wear them. The designers of RITO created a skirt of flared silhouette, which is suitable for almost any figure, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the shortcomings. Multicolored and monochrome wedge-shaped stripes alternate, creating the effect of the skirt in the fold. Believe me, you will look perfect!

Another our little secret is dresses and sweaters with parallel wide 3D stripes that pass, shifting, relative to each other, in such a way that create a relief and volume. You should not be afraid, such horizontal volumetric strips can not change the proportions of your figure. After all, our original textured striped print can be combined with the silhouettes of a dress - a and a classic cardigan with fashion flared sleeves in a refined color emerald green, black and white, powder and beige shades.

An unchanging cage is still at the peak of fashion, it will never become outdated, it is out of time and fashion trends. And again, recalling Coco Chanel, who made the cage the prerogative of the elite, and punks and hippies in the 60s revived the checkered print among the ordirary people. The geometric pattern in the form of cells of different calibres is the unconditional favorite of our capsule seasonal spring-summer collection 2018. And of course, we created for you such impeccably elegant knitted checkered "Chanel" jackets with a hugely fashionable round neck that opens the neck, makes us, women, a little defenseless and business-like touching. And the restrained color shades: white-beige, pink-beige and classic black and white will make the choice the most demanding of you. Jackets in our collection are represented by a matte cage of small and medium size. If you want to purchase a set, we advise you to choose a skirt that is slightly different in size of the cage. This technique will create a vibrating effect of the canvas during walking, which visually narrows the silhouette.

Well, and the geometric figure in the form of a large cell, our designers have presented very unusual-in the form of large intersecting lines. In this print, you can find very beautiful, slightly flared to the bottom dresses of midi length, as well as pencil skirts that fit, both for business, so for the style of sport-chic.

We did not ignore our men! Especially for them were created checkered cardigan-pajamas and waistcoats in black and white.

Of course, all of our products are made of high quality yarn, in small batches, with double-sided Jacquard weaving technology. This lets you to put them on two sides.