tropical print


Fashion trends of the spring-summer season 2018 can not be imagined without floral prints in clothes. A cheerful mix of wild flowers, juicy fruits, bright green leaves of tropical trees - this is how an unusual and stylish spring-summer outfits from the RITO brand looks.

We created an atmospheric collection of stylized jungles: bright prints of monstera leaves and ginkgo; applications in the form of miniature green palms, bright yellow bananas and lemons. After all, the jungle can also be stylish ... Well, what kind of tropical prints can be without animalistic hummingbirds, toucan.

The models are designed in such a way that you can collect the perfect "total look" with a tropical print. Sweatshirts with contrasting patterns of monstera leaves in pink-beige, vanilla-gray and classic black and white colors can be combined with monochrome trousers. And combining such a jumper with a skirt designed in a geometric print, your outfit will fully correspond to the trends of the season. The color scale in the collection is chosen so that you can safely mix floristic and geometric prints with each other.

For those who do not risk mixing models with different patterns, we offer classic sweaters and dresses - a case with a ready-made combination of prints: a wide strip and a large image of a monstera leaf in white-blue-green natural hues. This model will become universal for all styles. The highlight of the collection was a jumper in a small emerald black and black and white strip, creating a velvety visual effect. Depending on your preferences, you can buy them with an application in the form of a bird, palm, banana or in the classical version.

For followers of strict, precise lines, the RITO brand created a summer dress 2018 (dress-case) in black and white and a vanilla-gray range of shades.This model will become universal for all styles.

Monochrome dark blue and white classic sweaters with an accent in the form of the finest spider web ginkgo leaf are appropriate for all styles.

Complete the spring - summer look will the help of a jacket with a vegetable print of tropical leaves in combination with basic monochrome trousers.