Style Street-Art in street fashion 2018. Graffiti from RITO

Today brands take new ideas in wall painting of cities streets and squares. Murals, graffiti, paintings of illustrators inspire designers of fashion houses for incredible and adventurous prints in clothing.

Season Spring-Summer 2018

One of the spring-summer trends in season of 2018 is the use of the style of street-art in the canvases - the ironic street art of symbols.

The RITO brand has created a bright collection with an original print of graffiti and its own history, no less interesting than the picture itself. Designer of RITO Anna Panchenko, inspired by the works of Shantall Martin from New York, created her own unique symbolic print, so similar to the paintings of the Surrealists. In a unique knitted fabric from the brand RITO, all colors are chosen not by chance. The dawn and sunset of the collection "Graffiti" in the style of street-art are made in several color combinations.

The basic shades of black-and-white-yellow color scheme - symbolize the dawn, black-blue-pink-orange scale, symbolizes the coming twilight.

The motto of the idea is taken from favourite song of the designer Cry Guns N 'Roses' and is inscribed with the lines “There's something in your eyes” and “Somethin's changin' inside you” in the knitted fabric drawing.

Collection spring-summer 2018 in the style of street art

The basis of the collection Graffiti spring-summer 2018 brand RITO - jumper, skirt and cardigan.

The ironic-hooligan style of sweater oversize with original cuffs will suit both ragged jeans with sneakers, and elegant trousers with high-heeled shoes.

Well, a skirt-midi silhouette trapezoid, such a character-daring and at the same time universal, will approach a monophonic top. And paired with a jumper you get a two-piece suit.

A highlight of the spring-summer capsule collection in 2018 was a universal summer cardigan, with the shoulder line down and the non-standard sleeve length 7/8. In this model is combined style and elegance.