autumn/winter 2015-16

  • Collection autumn/winter 2015-2016

Collection autumn/winter 2015-2016 by RITO is a reflection upon the notion of nationality as such, how the roots of any nation, its traditions and peculiarities of ethnic costume sprout through the centuries and become a part of the new reality. Designer Alyona Pikul took the traditional national costume to pieces – the cut, the decoration items, the ornament - and created the modern picture out of them.

The original concept of the collection is multilayer that comes along with the basic "pencil" silhouette. For example, elongated rectangular dresses are combined with vests of varying length, jackets, coats and shawls. The idea of layering can be also traced in the combination of different textures, the penetration of one ornament into the other, in the very blend of archaic folk costume and current trends.

The palette of the collection contains mainly the colors of ground and nature: these are modulations from the classic Ukrainian monochrome black, white and gray colors combined with red shades through warm ocher, beige, clay color, terracotta mixed with indigo and green up to the colors of precious stones such as emerald, amethyst, lazurite and sapphire.

The texture, traditionally for RITO, demonstrates all the potential of knitwear and is largely presented by voluminous knits in jumpers and dresses, as well as the great variety of ornaments combined with textured inserts. The concept of volume is also supported in sewn items like jackets and coats.

The image-symbol of the collection is the Ukrainian woman who remembers and honors the traditions of her ancestors, and at the same time she looks modern, stylish and brings with her beauty, inspiration and a powerful boost of creative energy of our nation.