• RITO Sporty
    SPRING / SUMMER 2016-2017

The new RITO capsule collection is dedicated to the sport. The brand designers turned to retro aesthetics and combined it with relevant colors and details. Snow-white knitted original fit dress that could suit perfectly any tennis court celebrity of the past is accompanied by neat ball cap and an ever-popular polo shirt are made in pastel shades and flow delicately along your body.

“Sports elements and knitwear is a noble and truly aristocratic combination,” says the RITO designer Anya Panchenko. “Just look at the Royal family and their archive photographs – it’s a perfect example of comfort and elegance.”

RITO sporty capsule is the proof that you can feel comfortable in knitwear even in summer. Specially for this collection, we used viscose that is well-known for its cooling properties

Knitted cardigans became one of the hits of the collection. Contrast combination of colors gives them their sporty mood. Bright green stripes on seams and cuffs add dynamics and look very glamorous in motion. Long knitted dresses may serve as a base for summer wardrobe. They look good in a layered outfit and are self-contained at the same time.