waiting for miracles

Pre-holiday fuss is reaching its peak, the hunt for gifts is almost over, and the choice of attire can turn out a real problem. But not with the Christmas collection by RITO, in which knitted dresses of precious shades and delicate shine go hand in hand with cozy sweaters - for those who plan to celebrate Christmas in homely atmosphere.

The new and very holiday collection by RITO is already available at our brand stores! Jacquard dresses and sweaters embroidered with pearl beads – is the most beautiful and cozy gift for the New Year holiday. Various garments from the new collection can be successfully combined so you can create many stylish winter images. Knitted clothes for Christmas - the immortal classic, which in the hands of RITO designers take the new modern shape and can dress up every woman this winter.

The new collection successfully combines a variety of shapes and materials - textured fabric jumpers and light, airy, flowing fabrics of pleated skirts. This unusual combination for the winter season makes a woman look fragile and delicate.

As if powdered with snow, midi and maxi beaded dresses will make your New Year image elegant and very stylish.

"While working on this collection, I naturally thought about Christmas. About children's sincere emotions ... about the aroma of a Christmas tree, guests, gifts... Waiting for a miracle and feeling like a fairy-tale character, a little princess," says RITO designer Alyona Pikul who proved that knitwear can look festive and elegant.

The images of the collection balance on a fine line between casual and evening clothes, making you feel special without sacrificing the comfort. "We are in such a hurry that we have no time to enjoy the moment. But sometimes you should stop and think of a miracle. The holiday is coming," adds Alyona Pikul.