There are things that can hug. This is due to their nature – or rather their natures are knitted in such a way. Like people can be empathic and unfeeling, while both types are beautiful, good and decent, some things also do hug, others - do not, though both are quite comfortable.

But in those things that hug you also feel happy. Like when someone puts hands on your shoulders and pats softly, you rejoice with all your body and soul that starts to purr.

Huggy things is not just a metaphor: after all, knitwear is so pleasant to the body. And if it's also pleasing to the eye it is 100% a joyful thing.

Seven colors of joy is the code of the knitwear by RITO in autumn / winter 2017-2018 season . Lovingly knitted natures. Perfectly crafted ideas. Elegantly adjusted moods. Carefully sewn up emotions. Gently smoothed out feelings.

RITO coat with volume ribbed cloth. Model #6857

BEIGE hugs: peace, comfort, balance.

Beige shade supports the fire in the fireplace, prepares mulled wine and waits for the loved one from a business meeting.

RITO jumper with short sleeve. Model #6837

BLUE hugs: lightness, ardor, energy.

Blue color chooses a ski suit, books tickets to the mountain resort and buys a new book to read on the way there.

RITO jumper with volume ribbed cloth. Model #6855

YELLOW hugs: sensitivity, friskiness, romanticism.

The yellow color sends Igor Severianin's poems to the friend's messenger, picks up a list of Christmas films and uncork a bottle of champagne – just without any reason or occasion.

RITO textured jumper. Model #6852

EMERALD hugs: intuition, mysticism, anticipation.

Emerald ignores all obstacles and directly, without any mediums communicates with the universe and dances Argentine tango.

RITO dress with ruffle. Model #6887

MILKY hugs: coquetry, creativity, enthusiasm.

Milk shade treats a friend to hot cocoa, decorates the house with her own hand-painted watercolor canvases and is a little bit jealous of her cat to her man.

RITO textured slim fit dress. Model #6862

VIOLET hugs: inspiration, temptation, mischief.

The violet color gets to her car and drives to the sea, though an hour ago she didn’t even think about it. And on the way she calls her first love to make a date.

RITO textured jumper with stand-up collar. Model #6852a

FUCHSIA hugs: love, drive, sex appeal.

When insomnia fuchsia eats ice cream and reads detectives, racks her brain about how many handbags she should take with her to Paris and brews coffee in cezve five times a day: that's the coffee he likes - the one who is waiting for her in Paris.

Especially for RITO

Author: Tatiana Petkova